The Zebra street band

In a coincidental convergence of talent and cultural influences, a remarkable assemblage of virtuosic musicians hailing from Lithuania, Italy, the United States, and the Netherlands converged in the vibrant city of Amsterdam back in 2017. This international collective, whose harmonious union transcends borders, proclaims their artistry to be nothing short of “infectiously danceable” and “highly energetic.” Within their sonic tapestry, tantalizing grooves intermingle with ethereal textures, and the boundaries of music dissolve into the exhilaration of collective improvisation.

At the helm of this transcendent musical journey stands Sicilian composer Salvoandrea Lucifora. Guiding this illustrious ensemble of brass virtuosos, Lucifora nurtures an environment where each member is endowed with an inherent prowess as a soloist and improviser. It is within this unique musical alchemy that the ensemble breathes life into each performance, ensuring that no composition ever echoes in the same manner twice. With each rendering, the music unfurls with a palpable freshness and innovation that captivates both performers and listeners alike, beckoning them into an ever-unfolding universe of sonic discovery.

From the intricate and cerebral nuances of free jazz to the infectious rhythms that ignite dancefloors, this extraordinary ensemble possesses the rare ability to traverse the vast spectrum of musical expression. Their performances effortlessly bridge the realms of intellectual sophistication and pure unadulterated joy, imbuing their audience with a sense of euphoria that transcends the limitations of any single genre.

To date, the band has released two albums, ZeBrass in 2018 and Shirwku in 2022.

Band members:

Salvoandrea Lucifora – Trombone, Tuba, Compositions
Alistair Payne – Trumpet
Andrius Dereviancenko – Tenor Saxophone
John Dikeman – Baritone Saxophone
Onno Govaert – Snare drum and percussion
Fabio Galeazzi – Bass drum and percussion



ZeBrass – September 2018