Hailing from the sun-kissed shores of Sicily and now firmly rooted in the vibrant Amsterdam scene, Lucifora has emerged as am original voice in the European creative music landscape. With a diverse array of talents encompassing multi-instrumentalism, composition, multimedia art, and education, he stands at the forefront of a new wave of avant-garde exploration.

Lucifora’s sonic journey unfolds through the resonant depths of low brass instruments, where the tenor trombone takes center stage, accompanied by the harmonious interplay of the tuba and flugelhorn. His mastery of these instruments is a testament to his ceaseless pursuit of musical expression, steeped in a profound love for jazz and an insatiable curiosity that propels him towards uncharted sonic territories.

Through an integrative process that fuses tradition and innovation, Lucifora has crafted a distinct voice on brass instruments. Embracing an expansive range of extended techniques, he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of sound, venturing into the realm of the extraordinary. It is here that his musical alchemy takes flight, exploring the outer limits of sonic possibilities and unearthing hidden dimensions within his instruments.

Lucifora’s relentless quest for musical discovery has been nurtured through years of dedicated study. Having immersed himself in the world of Jazz Trombone and Cinema and Multimedia engineering in Turin, Italy, since 2009, he embarked on an Inspirational quest to the Netherlands in pursuit of his Master of Music at the esteemed Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since then, the Dutch capital has become his creative sanctuary, serving as a fertile ground for inspiration and collaboration with some of the most daring minds in the avant-garde.

In the vibrant melting pot of Amsterdam’s art scene, Lucifora has found aligned and inspiring creative minds in musicians such as Burton Green, Michael Moore, Raoul van der Weide, Wolter Wierbos, Han Buhrs, Hank Zwerwerwer, Michiel Schijn, Nora Mulder, Frank Rosaly, Aaron Lumley, Jeroen Kimman, Jasper Stadhouders, John Dikeman, Onno Govaert, Marta Warelis, Marcos Bggiani, Omer Govreen, and countless others. 

Yet, Lucifora’s artistic prowess extends beyond the realm of music. As a multidisciplinary artist, he delves into the realms of dance, choreography, and writing in his captivating collaborations with the talented Dorit Weintal. Their dynamic duo weaves an intricate tapestry of movement and sound, transcending boundaries and captivating audiences with their seamless fusion of artistic expression.